08 Counting in Korean

Counting in Korean is an important part of your Jung SuWon training. 

1.  In Jung SuWon class, what are you doing when you count : Hana-Dul-Set-Net!   Dul-Dul-Set-Net!   Hana-Dul-Set-Net!   Dul-Dul-Set-Net!

Circle the correct answers:  Warm-up Stretches, Jumping Jacks, Roll-Backs, Forms

2.  When everyone is lined up in two lines, the most senior student shouts “Hana“, the next senior shouts “Dul“, and each senior in the line shouts a number one at a time “Set“, “Net“, “Tassut“, “Yassut“, “Ilgop“, “Yodul“, “Ahop“, “Yul”  

3.  And then in the junior line, starting with the most senior student, each junior student shouts out one Korean number at a time.  

Say and Write the Korean numbers here:  Hana________   Dul________   Set________   Net________  Tassut________   Yassut________   Ilgop________   Yodul________   Ahop________   Yul________

Here are the Korean and English numbers together so you learn to say both:  Hana (one),  Dul (two), Set (three), Net (four), Tassut (five), Yassut (six), Ilgop (seven), Yodul (eight), Ahop (nine), Yul (ten)

The owner and founder of Jung SuWon is Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim!


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