Have a purpose and determination!

One of the Jung SuWon Principles of Mental Conduct is “Have a purpose and determination!”  Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a fantastic teacher who very simply shows us in Jung SuWon class, how to put our body, mind, and spirit together with laser beam focus when practicing our techniques.  For example, when doing middle punch, our “purpose” is to focus on punching on target.  Look at a single point directly in front of you that isn’t moving (such as a mark on the center of a punching bag), and focus on that mark.  Focus so that when you punch, your fist stops right at the single point that you are looking at.  If you miss the target, your fist is too high, or too low, or too far to the right, or too far to the left, don’t give up.  Continue punching and practicing over and over again until you can reach your goal by punching and stopping your fist right on the target. That is “determination”.

The greatest thing about your Jung SuWon training is that whatever principle you learn while training, you can use the same principle in your every day life, such as in school.  When you are sitting in your classroom taking a test, put your body, mind and spirit together.  Focus on your test with a “purpose” of answering all questions correctly.  With “determination” use your laser beam focus to answer the questions.

This principle: “Have a purpose and determination” is in the Jung SuWon dojang on the Wall where all Jung SuWon warriors can read it, and Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim wrote a good section about this principle in her Seven Steps to Inner Power book.

Remenber:  He can do! She can do! Why Not Me!

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