Inner Peace

To help with your “Finger Exercise” focus and concentration, here’s an excerpt in the Seven Steps to Inner Power ebook, pg 87

by Dr. Tae Yun Kim

“The physical practice of Jung SuWon requires you to focus your mind on specific ideas and qualities as you move.  All movement should be focused and purposeful.  Thus, this Finger Exercise involves concentration.  To concentrate means to draw everything to a center.  Thus, when you concentrate on a Jung SuWon movement, you are drawing your thoughts and actions to a central focus – Body and Mind as One!”


Simple Finger Exercises

Focus area: Hands and Fingers

Finger Exercise Benefits:

Improves circulation and releases tension in hands and fingers!


Open both hands stretching fingers wide.

On each hand, fold in the thumb, then fold the forefinger over the thumb…

Fold each finger one at a time until all fingers are folded.

(sequence: thumb, forefinger, middle…

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