“Have a Satellite View” and build your own Satellite!

by Dr. Tae Yun Kim in The First Element ebook

“Have a Satellite View” – “The higher your view, the wider and more thorough your view. Think of viewing something from the ground, from the top of the building, from a helicopter, and finally from a satellite.  Which gives you the widest view?  The most information about the environment?  The satellite, of course.  The satellite view is like the view you seek when you meditate in one way or another.  The information you gather in a meditative state gives you the highest, widest view.”

Click “InternationalSpaceStationPaperModelto print and cut out your model.

Click “InternationalSpaceStationInstructions_EE_pdf Standard to assemble your model.

He can do!  She can do!  Why not me!

Have a Great Day!



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