Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior


 JSW Martial Art Demo Team will be traveling with Dr. Tae Yun Kim to reach out to Korean youths and young adults performing martial art demonstrations and giving testimonials.

South Korea has the highest rate for suicide! We’re supporting Dr. Kim’s effort to promote a positive and motivational message of overcoming your challenges and having value for your life: “HE CAN DO. SHE CAN DO, WHY NOT ME!”

Please help our team by donating to TYK Foundation. Your kind contribution will help fund our travel, hotel, and our food expenses.

You can submit your donation at: or you can speak to Jonathan Palmer directly at (408) 828-5398

Thank you for your consideration and kind contribution!

With the motto of “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”, the TYK Foundation helps…
individuals, families, and communities to improve quality of life by offering support to…

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  1. ssalton Says:

    Hard to believe suicides are up. Please thank Dr. Tae Yun Kim for getting the word out, and for helping these young people. It is a great cause and we all need to get behind it.


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