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Jung SuWon Counting Crossword Puzzle

April 23, 2012

Do you know how to count to 20 in Korean and English?

Check out the Jung SuWon Counting Crossword Puzzle!  The Questions are a Korean number and the Answers are an English number.

 Crossword Puzzle: JSW Counting

Instructions:  Read the questions and type the answers.

Across Example:  1. What is Yul Ilgop?  The answer is:  Seventeen.

Down Example:    2. What is Yul Yodul?  The answer is:  Eighteen.

In Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s Jung SuWon Martial Arts classes, Warriors of all ages learn how to count in Korean.  Where did you learn how to count in Korean or in English?  At home, in school, with your friends, in this blog post?  Please send a comment, we would like to know.

Do you need some help with completing the crossword puzzle?  Click “Jung SuWon” and scroll to the bottom of the Terminology page for a list of Korean and English numbers!

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