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Crossword Puzzle and Belts to Color

May 2, 2012

The Korean term for Uniform is do-bok. Do means “way of life,” and bok means “a spiritual protector or shield against the elements.”  Thus, the wearing of your uniform has great symbolic value.  When you wear it, you also “wear” your commitment to follow the spiritual path leading to your Silent Master.  Your commitment is assuredly your protection against the elements.

Your belt wrapped around your waist symbolizes the unity of spirit you share with others on the path, and its “Color” proudly proclaims your level of achievement.  When you honor your uniform, you honor your real self!

Excerpt by: Dr. Tae Yun Kim, in Seven Steps to Inner Power and Jung SuWon

Check out this: Crossword Puzzle: Color Belt Meaning

Do you know your color belt ranks from White to Black?  Print this page, pull out some colored pencils, or crayons, or markers and have fun!

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The Color Belt Ranks Quiz!

April 29, 2012

Do you train in the Martial Arts?  And does your Martial Arts school have different color belts that students can achieve when they test for their next rank?

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s color belt system at Jung SuWon Martial Arts has very significant symbolism.  Each color belt represents a different level of training, from the very beginning student warrior to the advanced student warriors.  Before advancing to the next rank, each student warrior must demonstrate an understanding of his or her current level to be ready to go on to the next level.

 Do you know the symbolism of your color belt?

Take “The Color Belt Ranks Quiz” to find out!

Testing day is a celebration and class for all Jung SuWon student warriors, their families, and friends.  Testing to the next color belt rank celebrates the hard work and effort student warriors are putting into their training.  Take the quiz.

Remember: He Can Do! She Can Do! Why Not Me!

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Jung SuWon Counting Crossword Puzzle

April 23, 2012

Do you know how to count to 20 in Korean and English?

Check out the Jung SuWon Counting Crossword Puzzle!  The Questions are a Korean number and the Answers are an English number.

 Crossword Puzzle: JSW Counting

Instructions:  Read the questions and type the answers.

Across Example:  1. What is Yul Ilgop?  The answer is:  Seventeen.

Down Example:    2. What is Yul Yodul?  The answer is:  Eighteen.

In Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s Jung SuWon Martial Arts classes, Warriors of all ages learn how to count in Korean.  Where did you learn how to count in Korean or in English?  At home, in school, with your friends, in this blog post?  Please send a comment, we would like to know.

Do you need some help with completing the crossword puzzle?  Click “Jung SuWon” and scroll to the bottom of the Terminology page for a list of Korean and English numbers!

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